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3 izbový byt, Košice-Sídlisko Ťahanovce, 1 m², Pôvodný stav ID: 2253245

Lokalita: Košice-Sídlisko Ťahanovce
Ulica: Varšavská
Úžitková plocha: 1 m2
Stav nehnuteľnosti: Pôvodný stav
Tranzakcia: Prenájom
Dátum pridania: 04.11.2021
1 m2
200 € mesačne

3-izbový byt, Varšavská, prenájom, Varšavská, Sídlisko Ťahanovce


I offer a bedroom in a shared flat in the city of Košice in the of area Tahanovce on Varsavska street. There is a bed a sofa and furniture in the room. I prefer an English-speaking student or professional to move in, in order to keep up my English.
There is a stove, refrigerator, microwave a washing machine, as well as dishes. The flat has 3 bedrooms however only 2 of us would be living in this flat. You would be living with a professional who is very tidy, so regular cleaning would be required. The rent is 200 Eur pre month all bill included.
The neighbourhoods of Tahanovce are friendly and close to the forests. There is a FRESH supermarket only 150 m away, a Pizza only 100 m away, bus stop only 7 min walking.
If you want to have a look at the flat do not hesitate to contact me.

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Úžitková plocha 1 m2
Stav nehnuteľnosti Pôvodný stav

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Ing. Jozef Takáč

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