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Rodinná vila, Praha 7, 1000 m², Pôvodný stav ID: 1790329

Lokalita: Praha 7
Ulica: Pod Havránkou
Zastavaná plocha: 761 m2
Výmera pozemku: 9873 m2
Úžitková plocha: 1000 m2
Stav nehnuteľnosti: Pôvodný stav
Tranzakcia: Predaj
Dátum pridania: 13.03.2020
1 000 m2
12 000 000 €

An architectural gem of Prague


An exceptional investment opportunity that does not happen often. Sale of an architectural gem in Prague's Troja.

Magnificent, majestic, luxurious. Villa Troja is set in the green slopes high above Troja Castle and draws energy from the rugged history of the place, beautiful nature and fascinating views of the surroundings. You will have the panorama of Prague and Stromovka in the palm of your hand. Thanks to its representative tone, it can be an ideal seat of a foreign embassy, ​​a well-known company, or a home for those who aim high.

Prague Troja was a sought-after residential location during the First Republic. The beautiful architecture of the First Republic villas is coming to this Prague district to be admired by tourists not only from the Czech Republic, but from all over the world.

The house (1,000 m2) is unique in its spatial solution. It harmoniously connects the interior of the house with the surrounding nature by means of large terraces lining the house. Glazed facades let in the sun's rays and everything creates an optimistic impression in any period. While maintaining the original atmosphere, you can enjoy the achievements of modern times. Quiet elevator, security system or heated driveway. You can park in 10 parking spaces or in 2 garages.

The whole house is sensitively designed so that it is easy to separate the private part from the public. All rooms have a cozy feel, thanks to the heated floors and custom-made furniture. Everything is in a harmonious whole and you will immediately feel at home here. You can relax in the private wellness area, which is equipped with a counter-current pool, sauna, steam room, jacuzzi or fitness. The house has an impressive garden with fruit trees, walnuts and vines.

Ďalšie parametre nehnuteľnosti

Počet lodžií 1
Počet balkónov 1
Počet terás 1
Výmera pozemku 9 873 m2
Úžitková plocha 1 000 m2
Stav nehnuteľnosti Pôvodný stav
Parkovanie Verejné parkovanie

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Daniel Červ

Daniel Červ

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